How Does the Service Work?

We use 4G LTE networks to provide internet access.  There are 3 service plans offered: UnlimitedToGo Blue, UnlimitedToGo Pink, and UnlimitedToGo Red.  The difference between the plans is just the 4G LTE network that each plan operates on.  All of the plans provide unlimited data without overages, high speed data caps, or usage based throttling.  And because the service is provided through wireless 4G LTE networks, you can use the service at home or on the go. All you need is one of the hotspots/routers that are offered along with their corresponding plan.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes, UnlimitedToGo’s mobile hotspot data plans allow for unlimited data without high speed data caps, usage based throttling, or overages.

What’s the difference between the plans?

The only difference between the plans (pricing aside) is the network each service plan operates on.  Either one of the plans allow for unlimited data access without high speed data caps, usage based throttling, or overages.

The pricing varies between the plans only because data rates differ between each carrier, and not because the more expensive service plan is guaranteed to provide higher speeds.

Please contact us if you are unsure of which plan/device would be best for your needs.

What are the speeds like?

UnlimitedToGo’s data plans allow for full LTE speeds.  However, because the service is based on 4G LTE networks, speeds vary based on signal quality, network coverage, network traffic, and network capacity.

We don’t guarantee speeds, but we can check which device/plan would be best for your needs.  We’re available via chat, email, or phone.


Can I use the service for home internet?

Sure you can.  Today’s 4G LTE networks and devices are capable of providing a high speed internet connection for home use.  Most of the hotspots that we offer are designed for mobile use, so they tend to have shorter WiFi range compared to traditional WiFi routers.  However, we offer the MOFI4500 LTE Router that has greater WiFi range for home use.

Can I use this for traveling/RVing throughout the US?

Absolutely you can.  Because the service runs off of wireless 4G LTE networks, you can get an internet connection anywhere there’s signal for the selected plan/device.  Please note that speeds and service quality will vary based network coverage.

Can I switch plans as needed?

The service is offered on a no-contract, month-to-month basis, so you’re not locked to a specific plan.  However, most mobile hotstpots/routers are carrier locked to their specific network.  If you’d like the flexibility to switch between plans without having to get a new router each time, the MOFI4500 LTE Router is unlocked and cross carrier compatible.  Switching plans only requires a new SIM for the corresponding plan.

How does the 14-day free service trial work?

We offer a 14-day trial for the service plans, along with a 14-day return/exchange policy for the equipment.  If you’re not satisfied with the equipment/service, please contact us within your 14-day trial to setup the return/cancellation.

Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

The service is offered on a prepaid, no-contract, and month-to-month basis.  There are no contracts or cancellation fees.  However, because the service is prepaid with unlimited usage, there are no refunds for unused air time or unused service plans.  Request for cancellation can be made via chat, email, or phone.